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American/English Ingredients

Ever wondered what Cilantro (Coriander) means? Confectioners' sugar? Half and half?

Not all ingredients have the same name from country to country. This handy Cheat Sheet can help you find the closest equivalent ingredients if you're stuck.


us        uk
all purpose flour plain flour
andouille sausage smoked sausage
baking soda bicarbonate of soda
bouillon granules stock cube
cilantro fresh coriander
confectioners' sugar icing sugar
frozen whipped topping long-life whipeed UHT cream
corn syrup golden syrup
cornstarch cornflour
egg substitute egg white
eggplant aubergine
fava beans broad beans
frosting icing
garbanzo beans chickpeas
graham cracker digestive biscuit
granulated sugar caster sugar
great northern beans cennellini beans
green onions spring onions
ground beef (lamb,turkey, pork) minced beef (lamb,turkey,pork)
half and half single cream
ham steaks gammon steaks
heavy cream whipping cream
instant pudding mix whipped dessert mix
jello gelatin jelly
jelly jam
lasagna noodles lasagne sheets
molasses treacle
non-fat milk skimmed milk
oatmeal porridge
pie crust pastry crust
pizza crust pizza base
pork tenderloin pork fillet
potato chips potato crisps
reduced fat milk semi-skimmed milk
semisweet chocolate dark chocolate
shortening(eg. Crisco) butter or margarine
snow peas mangetout
tomato paste tomato puree
whole wheat flour wholemeal flour
zucchini courgette




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