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Bangalore Express - Real Curries and Asian Cuisines in the heart of the City of London

B Express Food Pic 1Chef and patron Yogesh Datta who also owns the award winning The Painted Heron in London’s Chelsea has come up with an extensive yet definitive menu for his casual dining Indian restaurant Bangalore Express. 
Set opposite Leadenhall Market in Gracechurch Street, commuters, office goers, tourists and corporate clients make up the Bangalore Express loyal customer base.
Now on to the menu. And where does one start? There are small tapas style offerings including Golden Fried Spicy Quail, Fish Tikka, Onion and Spinach Bhajis and Golden Fried Prawns with Chilli Jam. And then there are other tapas eats in the style of Indo Chinese fare. Something I call ‘Chinjabi’ delicacies which are a cross between Oriental and Northern Indian nosh - Chilli Squid, Lollipop Chicken (chicken drumsticks in a sticky and spicy sauce), B Express Food Pic 1Gobi Manchurian - a real classic, and last but not least, my favourite Chilli Paneer.
The Indian Street Food is not to be missed with a veritable feast of Nepalese Momos - steamed chicken or vegetable dumplings and the Mumbai specialty of Minced Lamb served with a buttered bap known as Keema Pao.
The Grilled Sharing Platters celebrate the indulgence of Northern Indian and Mughlai cuisine with Grilled Prawns, Lamb Chops, Duck Tikka and Paneer Shashlik while the Big Plates suggestions get its culinary inspiration from British food with Anglo Indian Fish and Chilli Chips, South African Bunny Chow with Lamb Curry in a Bread Shell, a Dhaka Bangla Biryani and Caribbean Curried Goat with Plantain Chips and Sweet Potatoes.
There are traditional South Indian dishes with lentil pancakes or dosas wit meat and vegetable fillings and there’s also a ‘Curry Plate Matrix’ (nothing to do with Keanu) where you can build your own course by selecting the ingredients and combining them with mild, medium, hot or fiery flavours and a choice of side dishes.
Even for those of us who happen to be watching their weight, I’d recommend savouring the Skinny Curry Plate which is full of flavour yet light with less oil. If you’ve had a hard day and want something hearty, try the satisfying Express Thali for One laden with curry, lentils, raita and vegetables. And not to leave any stone unturned, the Bangalore Express menu does include the scrumptious stalwarts Butter Chicken, Saag Gosht, Chettinad Chicken, Roasted Aubergine Mash, Saag Aloo and Malabar Fish Curry. All prepared with fresh ingredients.
The atmosphere is laid back and chilled out with staff members who are there to assist you with making the right selection although once you get your foot in the door, you’re quite literally spoilt for choice!
B EXpress Interior 1Bangalore Express
1, Corbet Court
3-6 Gracechurch St
Tel: 020 7220 9195


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