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Global Street Food Kitchen

Have you ever had one of those evenings when you cannot decide whether to go down the road for an Indian, uptown for a burger, order a Chinese takeaway, head west for a Mexican, book a Thai table in advance or make reservations for a pizza trattoria? Well a new concept that has sprung in west London is the Global Street Food Kitchen. Located by a giant Asda superstore in west London, the restaurant has an airy, eclectic and lofthouse style feel to the premises. It can handle 120 covers at any one time.
Six different core national cuisines make up the menu – Oriental, Indian, Mexican, British, Italian and American with ingredients, which are sourced from high quality suppliers and farms. The proprietors, Akhil and Nikhil Junghare consultant chef Shailesh Deshmukh and Head Chef Sudhir Jadhav, the latter whose line of credits includes the Dorchester, Marriott, Four Seasons and Jumeirah, have ensured that the concept and the menu is not too cluttered. Global Street Food Kitchen offers a choice selection of dishes which can be updated according to the seasons and the availability of ingredients. Provenance is very much on their minds too with a focus on freshness and the use of local produce.
The menu is also inspired by popular dishes with a focus on Indian street food. Interestingly there are some dishes which are quite unique to our British palates as they are regionally authentic. In particular, certain delicacies from Mumbai.
The Misal Pav is a vegetarian dish from the state of Maharashtra in western India. It can only be described as a combination of a sprouted moong beans curry with a varied assortment of gram flour vermicelli (like Bombay mix) accompanied by soft white bread rolls. 
Another gem is the Dhaba Chicken which is a classic from northern Indian roadside eateries - a deliciously spiced gravy based curry served with rice or Tandoori rotis. They will temper the chilli heat factor according to your personal palate.
All the chicken dishes on the menu are made with free-range produce from Pilmore Farm in Yorkshire which gives the Global Street Food Kitchen the upper hand on other mainstream popular chicken based restaurants. The tomatoes are organic, the pizza flour and cheese for the pizza is imported from Italy, the Mexican ingredients are from an award-winning specialist Mexican food supplier and all the breads are made for the restaurant by artisan baker Maison Blanc.
British Fish and Chips has line-caught cod has a batter made from London Pride beer. Another popular menu choice has become Mushroom on Toast - Portobello Mushrooms with shallots, cream and parsley served on sourdough bread.
The Mexican selection offers freshly made Nachos to Roasted Corn and Pepper Quesadilla.
The pizza selection includes Peppers and Rosemary Chicken and the Artichokes and Black Olives come alongside such must-haves as the Arancinis. Penne with a Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Sauce with a hint of garlic is comfortingly indulgent on a cold day.
And for the sweet toothed, there are indulgent offerings such as Apple Crumble and even Bread & Butter Pudding.  With the restaurant having opened recently, plans are afoot to launch delivery and takeaway facilities soon so that customers can enjoy its stupendous cooking at their own leisure at home. However, I’d strongly advise a visit in person to soak up the unique flavours and atmosphere that is unrivalled.


Global Street Food Kitchen
Blenheim Centre
Prince Regent Road
Tel 020 8572 7100
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