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James Asher

Worldbeat recording artist and producer James Asher performs as a drummer with several musical ensembles - Moondance (ceilidh band), Peter Willson Quartet(jazz), Big Al Trio(boogie woogie) and Howlin` Blues(blues). He also recorded over 20 albums in his own right: see www.james-asher.co.uk

What is your favourite dish?

This a closerun contest between Jalfrezi Chicken, Dim Sum as prepared by the Royal China Restaurant in Bayswater, and Bananas in rum as prepared by wife Celia.

What do you feel is your signature dish?

Steak au poivre.

How do you relax? Any pass times or hobbies?

I love walking by the seaside, which is 5 minutes away from my home. The whole sensuous experience of the ever changing chiascura with the scintillating fresh air is very restorative.
The old guide books for this region describe what we have here as `champagne air`. It`s not so far off the truth. Eastbourne gets satirised as being `God`s waiting room`, but there are worse places to wait!

Being a musician always has the double edged sword that people will ask what you do for work then, when you`re not playing?! Much of gigging is humdrum unexciting stuff - driving, traffic, loading of equipment etc.But in favourable circumstances when a band is gelling and the audience are with it, there is a magic that can appear which justifies the effort.

What's your foodie weakness?

Waitrose has two items that regularly tempt me :- The chilli stuffed Ulu olives which are very compelling, and Willie`s Delectable Cacao Peruvian 70 version which also regularly lures me

What is your motto?

In almost every field there are people who do their work with passion, regardless of what it is. If you can find these people there is always an extra plus factor of how the work is done, which transcends whatever you might try and specify. Seek them out!

What's for lunch?

There is a wonderful lentil soup with spinach that really hits the spot.

What's on your plate?

2 gigs with Howlin Blues this weekend

Next week I will be liaising with New Earth Records to confirm running order for my new drum album `Bridging the Worlds`. I am really pleased how this album has turned out,
and meets my intention to complete a body of work, where each track holds its own well. Given that it needs to work for listeners downloading individual tracks this is important.
Sometimes in the deluge of content available via the internet, it sometimes astonishesme that any particular artist gets to be heard.

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