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Charlie Clements

Actor Charlie Clements played the hapless, lovesick property salesman Bradley Branning on the UK's number one soap Eastenders for four years and more recently, he was literally treading the boards in a Dickens based stage play called the Haunting. Here, Charlie talks about one of his passions and that's cooking good food.

What is your favourite dish?

Tough question.. I love ALL food..! (Perhaps a little too much). In terms of Indian cooking, if im out, i tend to go more for a dry curry from the Tandoor. Usually a chicken shashlick. I'm a huge fan of the classic roast but as i say i'm a huge fan a food in general be it Indian, Italian or Thai.

What do you feel is your signature dish?

I wouldn't say i have one signature dish. I'm always flicking through cook books looking for something new to try out on friends. There are few dishes that i cook more often than others but i don't know if i could pass some of Mr Olivers' recipes off as my own.!!

How do you relax? Any pass times or hobbies?

I enjoy playing golf. I've been playing since i was 10 and enjoy getting out with a couple of mates. Being on a golf course in the middle of the country means for those few hours at least you can forget everything. I love going to the pub on a saturday or sunday afternoon. Going out for dinner is my absolute favourite thing to do. I also play lead and rhythm guitar so if i've had a stressful day i enjoy coming home and trying to write the beginnings of a song.

What's your foodie weakness?

Food in general is my weakness.! I could eat scrambled egg and smoked salmon every so i'd have to say that.

What is your motto?

Work work work.! If you want to achieve what you want you have to work hard for it.

What's for lunch?

I'm just about to put on some soup with a bread roll.

What's on your plate?

I'm back to doing what actors do and auditioning for parts. I had a fantastic 4 years at Eastenders but i'd always said that i'd do 4 years and move on. For me acting is about playing as many different characters in as many different things as possible. I finished a play back in April which was a great experience. It was great to get back to doing live theatre. I'm doing some voice over work at the moment which i'm really enjoying. So yeah, busy busy..! And cooking of course.!!!
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