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Sindhi Style Onion Rice - Bhuge Chaawal

Sindhi Style Onion Rice - Bhuge Chaawal

With influences from the Middle East, Sindhi cuisine predominantly comes from the Sindh in Pakistan.

bar Sindhi Style Onion Rice - Bhuge Chaawal
Traditionally meals are served with a wheat based bread with two dishes and a serving of rice. One particularly popular rice delicacy is spiced and chilli hot rice with onions. often served with a spinach dish.

Picture by Manju Malhi

Serves 4

250g Basmati rice
2 tbsp sunflower or olive oil
1 tsp butter
1 bay leaf
2-3 cloves
1 black cardamom
2 onions, sliced
¼ tsp chilli powder


Put the rice in a sieve and rinse it under cold running water until the water runs clear. This will remove any excess starch.
Heat a saucepan which has a lid. Add the oil followed by the butter. Tip in the bay leaf, cloves and black cardamom. Stir for a minute then add the onions. Fry until the mixture is caramelised and then add the chilli powder. Mix in the rice and fry, stirring for 30 seconds. Pour 500ml of just boiled water into the pan, stir once and return to the boil. Cover the pan, reduce the heat to low and leave the rice to simmer for 7-9 minutes. The rice will be tender when all the liquid is absorbed, holes appear on the surface and some of the grains appear to be pointing up. Test a few grains to make sure the rice is tender. Fluff the rice with a fork and serve hot.


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